The need to build a home

The need to build a home for human potential is framed by the challenge we face as a community, the opportunities we have and driven by the future we want.

The need to build a home


At Lesedi Homes

We develop, refine and share innovative housing models that unlock the political will, capital investment and end-user finance needed to create the conditions for hard-working members of the community in securing their own home as well as their future.

At Lesedi Homes


We do this because

Affordable homes not only provide a fundamental human right but also unleash unimaginable human potential to shape a future of commercially viable affordable homes movement that will improve life chances of people, gender parity, climate resilience, clean water and air, renewable energy and socio-economic justice.

We do this because


As a market leader

In the affordable housing sector, Lesedi Homes knows that quality housing has cross-cutting positive benefits on the lives of families and communities living on low and middle income households.

As a market leader


We believe that

The best way to realize this future is by working in open collaboration using an open-source approach, so that the best ideas can be adapted and adopted.

We believe that


We know that

when we create vibrant communities where people want to live in and profitable projects for investors to invest in, we help in creating a more secure and just communities for us all.
At Lesedi Homes, we don’t just construct houses, we build a home for human potential.

We know that

Mission & Vision

lesedi homes mission


To provide an outstanding level of service and expertise in the real estate market that is innovative and ambitious. We are dedicated to the highest standards, systems and performance necessary to fulfill all real estate solutions.


To achieve the highest possible standards of the real estate market while establishing our company as the premier and preferred real estate company in Kenya.

lesedi home vision

Our Core Values


We keep our promises. We are honest, trustworthy and ethical in our all actions.


We are research driven & we give reliable information that help our clients make the right decisions

Customer service

Our clients are the driving force of our existence; we give our customers the support they need both before and after they buy with us.

Team Work

We work together to achieve more & we commit to achieving common goals.

Prompt Delivery

We are quick to act and respond to clients needs We perform our duties without delay


We are professional and adaptable to the varied needs of our clients We leverage on our collective strength to provide exceptional services

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